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So. Steam summer sales is on

2017-06-25 17:46:59 by ragnkinson


Listen up (probably NSFW)

2016-05-31 12:09:17 by ragnkinson



2016-05-10 10:48:12 by ragnkinson

It's so hot2434900_146289163192_image.png



2014-04-14 14:58:52 by ragnkinson

Anyone else having the days where you just wanna say 'Fuck all'?


And oh. Now that you already have your pants down, you better


My art skills.

2013-05-13 17:37:31 by ragnkinson

Yes. The art things I've uploaded are made by me and yes my art skills suck, but at least I provide with something to laugh at, and I actually enjoy showing my bad drawing skills. For the amature drawings I use MS paint if it would be relevant in any way. I will update my art tab as soon as I have made something worth sharing.

That's all about my art skills for now.

I like my games as I like my females(and visa versa): Good graphics is a good plus but if the gameplay is boring as hell, it's not even close to worth it. That is because I'm the type who likes games for being exciting and not for being good looking (That's where the females come in too).

Even though the graphics gives the first impression of the game, it's always the gameplay that givess the experience, you might not want to get in a serious relationship with a person entirely because of their looks do you? Bad example I know, but still the same shit.

I'm not old-fashioned when it comes to graphics though, even though it really doesn't matter that much to me that a game has almost realistic graphics.

Newgrounds vs. Kongregate?

2013-05-11 19:19:25 by ragnkinson

I won't let it be a secret that I have both an account here on Newgrounds (Well, then I wouldn't write this would I?) and an account on Kongregate and I honestly love both sites. I won't write a novel about what I love about both sites but I simply love the variations they give like The social aspects and the fact that Newgrounds is filled with a wider content. I also love the similarities: The level system, the favorite system, the voting system and of course the medals.

Of course I won't advertise for Kongregate, but I would definiately recommend it for those who don't know it. And why would I? Simply because it's almost as great as Newgrounds is.